Everything you need to know about me and what im up to next.

About Me

Hello and welcome to my WordPress, this is the place to come to find out every little bit of information you will ever need to know about me.

I’m a TV presenter and Journalist and you can view all my work links to my work pictures here or on my website www.kiribloore.com 

If you are wondering about me- well where to start?
I grew up rolling around in the mud in the middle of the countryside and had an amazing childhood surrounded with animals and enjoying the great outdoors.
I think that’s why for many years I would never eat as when I was little I could not understand where the little lambs from the field would go.

I rode horse and love every minute of it, I was even lucky enough to compete to quite a high level on a dream of a Horse called Gilly, who rests now with my family in the countryside.
He spends his days as everyone dreams eating and sleeping and causing a little bit of trouble.

Sport filled my life and I trained for Hockey at a place called Lilleshall, I believe at the same time as the England football team where there, well so all the girls thought anyway ☺

Motor Racing has also been part of my life and I spent much of my younger years trackside and most on my teenage years on the grid and now my adult life reporting trackside.

As for my TV career – well I have been presenting for over seven years now and have had some of the very best experiences.
A memory that will always stay with me was covering the Royal Wedding for a wonderful American Network called TLC. I will go into more detail about that later if you fancy the read.

I have also been on the red carpet for what seems like a lifetime and interviewed hundreds of celebrities. Some that stick in my mind are Keira Knightley, Michael Fassbender, Dev Patel, Robert Pattinson, Tahir Rahim, Clive Owen, and Gemma Arterton.

With many more things to come in 2013 I will keep you up dated with all.

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